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We are excited to be continually bringing on board new products as we grow to supply you, our customers.  Check this blog out monthly as we will regularly update to keep everyone informed on new and improved production.  Hammer Curl Bars, Arriving 20th-25th of September   Pendulum Machines, Arriving 24th of August Slam Balls,  Arriving 20th-25th of September   Trap Bars Arriving 1st-25th of September  Digital Clock Timers Arriving 20th-25th of September   Torsonator Arriving 20th-25th of September  GHD Machines Arriving 20th-25th of September   Astro Turf Arriving 24th of August Glutei Hip Thrust Machine Arriving 24th of August

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Pre order -

We have compiled a comprehensive list of ETAs for our most popular items and when significant amounts will be restocked. Date ranges below are estimates and may change. This page will have the most accurate information available and we will be updating it regularly. We will not be able to provide a specific date and time of availability for any products. Equipment will sell out fast, so mark your calendars and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.  Don't forget to check out what we still have in stock right now. Hex Dumbbells, October 1kg all the way through...

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