Kettlebells are one of the most unique yet effective pieces of gym equipment on the market today. Although not made popular until more recent times, the Kettlebell has said to of had variations from concepts as long ago as ancient Greece.

The beauty of this style of training is all in the design and shape of the Kettlebell. With a bell like bottom and an offset handle, you can manipulate this piece of equipment much differently than a regular dumbbell or barbell for example. Remembering the Kettlebells centre of mass is extended beyond the hand, meaning the body secretly must engage more core strength to perform any movement compared to other free weighted equipment. With the offset centre of gravity from the handle, this increases the strength and muscle contraction needed in order to perform the movement, also giving the option to preform ballistic fast style exercises and then slower more controlled movements to achieve different training styles and results.

Whether you are looking at cardio exercises or weight training, Kettlebells are likely to be central to your approach. We offer Kettlebells in a range of weights to suit your abilities and requirements.
Start increasing your strength and fitness with Kettlebell training today.